Projects by Brad Smith

This is a collection of some of my projects. If you'd like to know more about any of it, my e-mail address is at the bottom of this page.

Music --- Compositions, transcriptions, other things musical.
ZENSF 8/23/2018 A less easy but more powerful tool for compiling NSF music files into NES ROMs.
Sheep Puzzle 4/3/2018 Simple sliding block puzzle for Pico-8/
Lizard 2/6/2018 A new game for the NES.
EZNSF 12/05/2016 A tool for converting NSF music files into NES ROMs.
Moiré Pattern 10/09/2016 A little visual experiment with a regular grid against radiating lines.
Famicompo Pico 2014 11/11/2015 An NES cartridge compilation of Famicompo Pico entries.
Pastured Ewe 4/27/2014 A sheep herding game writen over 3 days for TOJam 9.
2A03 Puritans 4/23/2014 A compilation album of NES music.
NSFPlay 7/19/2013 NES music player for Windows / Winamp.
Giant Steps 10/21/2012 John Coltrane's Giant Steps, arranged for NES. See music page for ROM and source code.
Lunar Lander AI Challenge 2/07/2012 An open-source programming contest by Dan Rubalcaba.
Castlevania Game Name Generator 11/22/2011 Time saving tool for Konami.
NSF Importer 11/21/2011 An NSF import tool for FamiTracker.
Classic Chips 11/12/2011 Classical favourites arranged for NES.
Nyandelbrot Cat 5/02/2011 A fractal zoom with pop tarts and rainbows.
MOON8 3/29/2010 Dark Side of the Moon arranged for NES.
Bunchbox 9/18/2009 A 4k demo with full source.
Sudoku Challenge 6/19/2009 An open-source contest to write the fastest Sudoku solver.
256 Byte Pong 6/29/2008 What is the minimum amount of information needed to describe pong?
Water 9/09/2006 Water simulation.
Arcball 9/07/2006 An intuitive way to rotate objects, with source.
Effects 7/19/2006 Blur, refraction, and shadow volumes in OpenGL.
Dragon 6/26/2006 A simple game demonstrating bump mapping, spherical texture generation, chaotic animation, fractals, and procedural music.
GLSL with SDL 6/26/2006 Tutorial for using GLSL with SDL.
Dynamic Textures 6/26/2006 Tutorial for creating dynamic texture maps in OpenGL.
Phototheremin 6/24/2006 Schematics and description of a very simple phototheremin instrument
Super Meekle Bros. 12/24/2005 Romhack of Super Mario Bros. (mostly inside jokes). zip 268kb zip
Intun 6/11/2002 Microtonal MIDI retuning software.
NewChaos and Verge 8/27/2000 RPG projects I worked on while in high school.

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