2A03 Puritans

2A03 Puritans is a compilation album of music for the NES written by a collection of artists known as The Bitpuritans.

In addition to a music release on Bandcamp, this album was eventually released as an NES cartridge. The cartridge version was programmed by Rainwarrior, for hardware built by Infinite Nes Lives. Information about this NES project is available on this page.

2A03 Puritans

The NSF and NSFe compile the entire album into a single playable file, the NSFe containing track titles and times. Source code for the album is also available, including a patch for FCEUX 2.2.2 to add support for the new mapper. Though all of the music for the album was composed for an NTSC region NES, the NES/NSF/NSFe versions will correctly detect and compensate for PAL playback as well.

2a03puritans.nes 4/22/2014, NES 1.0MB
2a03puritans.nsf 4/22/2014, NSF 1.0MB
2a03puritans.nsfe 4/22/2014, NSFE 1.0MB
2a03puritans_src.zip 4/22/2014, ZIP 1.8MB

The NES ROM is available here, but the custom mapper required is not supported by older emulators. See: List of supporting emulators.

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