NSF Importer

This is an NSF importer for FamiTracker. It works by embedding an NSF player into FamiTracker and inspecting its internal registers at 60 frames per second, recording this data into a FamiTracker document. See NSFImporter.txt for usage information.

Please note that NSFImport is not under active development, and no future updates are planned. If you continue this project on your own, please let me know.

Sylveon has created a fork of the importer that includes support for Namco 163 and Sunsoft 5B, as well as other updates: FamiTracker Forums post (8/5/2015)

The latest version is v0.5, and is available here:
nsfimport_v0.5.zip 11/21/2011, ZIP 658kB

This project is open source, licensed under the Gnu Public License Version 2, and incorporates two other open source programs:


nsfimport_v0.5.zip, ZIP 658kB
v0.5 - 11/21/2011
nsfimport_v0.4.zip, ZIP 658kB
v0.4 - 11/21/2011
nsfimport_v0.3.zip, ZIP 655kB
v0.3 - 11/20/2011
nsfimport_v0.2.zip, ZIP 632kB
v0.2 - 7/15/2011
nsfimport_v0.1.zip, ZIP 629kB
v0.1 - 7/08/2011

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