NES and Retro Gaming by Brad Smith

This is a collection of some of my NES and retro gaming projects. If you'd like to know more about any of it, my e-mail address is at the bottom of this page.

Karnov Inspector 11/9/2018 A visualization script for Karnov.
ZENSF 8/23/2018 A less easy but more powerful tool for compiling NSF music files into NES ROMs.
Lizard 2/6/2018 A new game for the NES.
EZNSF 12/05/2016 A tool for converting NSF music files into NES ROMs.
Famicompo Pico 2014 11/11/2015 An NES cartridge compilation of Famicompo Pico entries.
2A03 Puritans 4/23/2014 A compilation album of NES music.
NSFPlay 8/31/2012 NES music player for Windows / Winamp.
NSF Importer 11/21/2011 NSF import tool for FamiTracker.
Music --- See my music page for more chiptunes and video game covers, NSF, FTM, MP3, MID, etc.
Castlevania III - Beginning 8/08/2016 An arrangement of the Japanese VRC6 version for a custom engine that produces extra sound on the NES.
Song of the Plants ♪ 10/9/2015 An interactive musical level for Mario Maker.
Total Tee Golf Simulator 2015 2/01/2015 NES tune for Weekly Treats.
My lizard is the Lizard of Soundtrack 10/30/2014 The complete soundtrack to my NES game, Lizard.
Five Rings 'Round a Murky Giant 12/27/2013 ZX Spectrum tune for Saturn.
Dry Up and Tumble On 7/28/2013 NES tune for the 2A03 Puritans compilation album.
Saddle Your Moon Horse and Ride to Ptolemaeus 10/27/2012 Original NES tune for Famicompo Mini Vol. 9.
Giant Steps 10/21/2012 John Coltrane's Giant Steps, arranged for NES. See music page for ROM and source code.
Manticore Dance 4/19/2012 Manticore Dance for NES (2A03), from Famitracker Demo Compo #2.
sundried 1/19/2012 Sunny dance tune for NES (2A03), submitted to Famicompo Mini Vol. 8.
december compo v2222 12/07/2011 Team composition for VRC6, by moviemovies1, Xyz_39808, Javel, and rainwarrior (me). From FamiTracker forums thread 2936.
underderderground 12/28/2011 Super Mario Bros. Underground; NES
Submitted to Famicompo Mini Vol. 8.
Classic Chips 11/12/2011 Classic Chips - Classical favourites; NES
Eta Carinae 8/11/2011 Composed for NES (2A03) with the old 0.2.2 version of FamiTracker.
Teenage Mutant Cirno Turtle 7/18/2011 Touhou Project Cirno's theme; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES
Rosa and Cecil 3/22/2011 Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up; Final Fantasy IV
Turbo Cables 2/12/2011 Battletoads (Game Boy) Stage 6; keyboard
Freebird 2/08/2011 Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird; NES
MOON8 3/29/2010 Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon; NES
Underground 3/06/2003 Koji Kondo - Super Mario Bros.; cover (guitar/rock)
Underwater 5/27/2000 Koji Kondo - Super Mario Bros.; solo guitar
ROM Hacking / Reverse Engineering
Friday the 13th 10/13/2017 A silly little ROM based on a popular GIF.
Skipping the FDS license screen 5/02/2017 A guide to skipping the "mandatory" Famicom Disk System license screen for homebrew.
NTSC pattern torture test 11/06/2016 A test ROM for investigating the NTSC colour artifact patterns of the NES.
NES palette test 9/18/2015 A test ROM to display all colours of the NES.
Low G Man crash fix 8/07/2015 A patch to fix emulator compatibility issues with Low G Man.
Super Glove Ball fix for Japan region 4/08/2015 A fix to support the PAX Power Glove that was used with the Famicom in Japan.
Fixing StarTropics 11/19/2014 Fixing a 24 year old music bug.
Blargg's NTSC filter demo for Windows 10/22/2014 A Windows build of a useful utility for visualizing NTSC signal artifacts.
NES RAM power-on test 4/15/2014 A test ROM to investigate NES RAM power up state.
Minimal NES example using ca65 4/07/2014 An example program for beginner NES programmers.
Famicom expansion sound reference 5/22/2012 Hardware recordings of the Famicom sound expansion chips.
Big Bird's Hide and Speak 3/03/2012 The speech playback techniques of Big Bird's Hide and Speak for NES.
Battletoads (text compression) 2/11/2012 Text storage used in Battletoads for NES, and huffman coding.
Rad Racer 2/05/2012 Scanline scrolling techniques used in Rad Racer.
Super Meekle Bros. 12/24/2005 Romhack of Super Mario Bros. (mostly inside jokes). nes 3.4 kB ips
Ways to play NES Light Gun Games on a Modern TV 10/9/2018 An explanation of the light gun problem, and some working solutions.
Pick a box; its contents will deceive you? 6/6/2015 A brief lesson in existentialism I learned while playing Super Mario Bros. 3.
Fixing StarTropics 11/19/2014 Fixing a 24 year old music bug.
The Super Mario Bros. Warp Zone Secret 11/06/2013 Thoughts about the design of Super Mario Bros.
Mario Walks Backwards 8/18/2013 What happens if you press left and right at the same time in Super Mario Bros?
Gimmick! 5/24/2012 Gimmick! for Famicom, complete live run. Platformer by Sunsoft, 1992.
Gimmick! (Bad Ending) 5/24/2012 Gimmick! for Famicom, live run skipping the secrets and getting the "bad" ending.
Battletoads 4/23/2012 Battletoads for NES, complete live run, no warps or continues. Action game by Rare, 1991.
Hacker 1/11/2012 Atari ST longplay. Spy game by Activision, 1985.
Supercycle 1/09/2012 Atari ST longplay. Motorcycle game by Westwood, 1986.
8 Ball 1/08/2012 Atari ST longplay. 8 Ball game by Michtron, 1986.
Star Raiders 1/06/2012 Atari ST longplay. 3D space shooter by Atari, 1986.
Hex (ending)
Atari ST gameplay. Strategy game by Mark of the Unicorn, 1985.
Toki (soundtrack) 1/2
Toki (soundtrack) 2/2
2/14/2010 Atari ST soundrack. Pierre-Eric Loriaux, 1991.
Pac Mania (soundtrack) 10/31/2009 Atari ST soundrack. Ben Daglish, 1988.
Chip's Challenge (soundtrack) 10/29/2009 Atari ST soundrack. David Whittaker, 1989.
The First Samurai (PC speaker intro) 5/12/2009 PC speaker music. Nicholas Jones and Martin Walker, 1992.
Bill Murray zip 20.1 kB zip 2/12/2013 NES graphics test, ROM and source.
Gimmick! Scans zip 3.0 MB zip 9/12/2012 Scans of Sunsoft Gimmick! Famicom game and manual.

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