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Brad Smith

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I'm a video game programmer and musician from Ontario, Canada.

Lizard I made a video game for the NES called Lizard.
Please visit: LIZARDNES.COM
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I'm also available for freelance work in programming, NES stuff, music, etc...
Contact me if you think I could help you: brad @

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New or Popular Stuff
Karnov Inspector 11/9/2018 A visualization script for Karnov.
Ways to play NES Light Gun Games on a Modern TV 10/9/2018 An explanation of the light gun problem, and some working solutions.
ZENSF 8/23/2018 A less easy but more powerful tool for compiling NSF music files into NES ROMs.
Lizard 2/6/2018 A new game for the NES.
EZNSF 12/05/2016 A tool for converting NSF music files into NES ROMs.
Castlevania III - Beginning 8/08/2016 Reproducing VRC6 expansion sound with an unmodified NES.
Famicompo Pico 2014 11/11/2015 An NES cartridge compilation of Famicompo Pico entries.
Pick a box; its contents will deceive you? 6/6/2015 A brief lesson in existentialism I learned while playing Super Mario Bros. 3.
Total Tee Golf Simulator 2015 2/01/2015 NES tune for Weekly Treats.
Fixing StarTropics 11/19/2014 Fixing a 24 year old music bug.
Good Night 9/03/2014 Good Night by Soyo Oka, from SimCity SNES, extended.
2A03 Puritans 4/23/2014 A compilation album for the NES.
The Super Mario Bros. Warp Zone Secret 11/06/2013 Thoughts about the design of Super Mario Bros.
MOON8 8/03/2013 Dark Side of the Moon arranged for NES.
NSFPlay / NSFPlug 7/19/2013 NES music player for Windows / Winamp.
Kathy's Waltz 12/6/2012 Kathy's Waltz by Dave Brubeck, arranged for NES.
Classic Chips 11/12/2011 Classical favourites arranged for NES.
Nyandelbrot Cat 5/02/2011 A fractal zoom with pop tarts and rainbows.
Rosa and Cecil 3/22/2011 A classic scene from Final Fantasy IV.
Arcball 9/07/2006 An intuitive way to rotate objects, with source.
Intun 6/11/2002 Free software for microtonal MIDI retuning.


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