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I'm a video game programmer and musician from Ontario, Canada.

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Fixing StarTropics 11/19/2014 Fixing a 24 year old music bug.
Lizard 10/28/2014 A new game in development for NES.
Good Night 9/03/2014 Good Night by Soyo Oka, from SimCity SNES, extended.
Pastured Ewe 4/27/2014 A sheep herding game writen over 3 days for TOJam 9.
2A03 Puritans 4/23/2014 A compilation album for the NES.
Five Rings 'Round a Murky Giant 12/27/2013 ZX Spectrum tune for Saturn.
The Super Mario Bros. Warp Zone Secret 11/06/2013 Thoughts about the design of Super Mario Bros.
Strange Meadowlark 8/23/2013 Strange Meadowlark by Dave Brubeck, arranged with lyrics for guitar and voice.
MOON8 8/03/2013 Dark Side of the Moon arranged for NES.
Dry Up and Tumble On 7/28/2013 NES tune for the 2A03 Puritans compilation album.
Mariopants 7/26/2013 A music editor for Mario Paint.
NSFPlay / NSFPlug 7/19/2013 NES music player for Windows / Winamp.
Battery 3/09/2013 Battery by Metallica, arranged for NES / VRC6.
Kathy's Waltz 12/6/2012 Kathy's Waltz by Dave Brubeck, arranged for NES.
Saddle Your Moon Horse and Ride to Ptolemaeus 10/27/2012 Original NES tune for Famicompo Mini Vol. 9.
Giant Steps 10/21/2012 John Coltrane's Giant Steps, arranged for NES.
Memories 7/12/2012 Music from Top Gun by Harold Faltermeyer, arranged for NES / VRC6.
Classic Chips 11/12/2011 Classical favourites arranged for NES.
Nyandelbrot Cat 5/02/2011 A fractal zoom with pop tarts and rainbows.
Rosa and Cecil 3/22/2011 A classic scene from Final Fantasy IV.
Freebird 2/08/2011 Lynyrd Skynyrd's Freebird arranged for NES.
Bunchbox 9/18/2009 4k demo with full source.
Arcball 9/07/2006 An intuitive way to rotate objects, with source.
Intun 6/11/2002 Free software for microtonal MIDI retuning.


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