NSFPlay / NSFPlug

This is an NSF player for Windows and plugin for Winamp. It is a fork of the original program by Brezza, intended to provide support for more recent Windows operating systems, and improve its accuracy and utility. Feel free to send me questions or comments, and please send me bug reports if you find any.

The latest version is 2.3, and is available here:
nsfplay23.zip 7/19/2013, ZIP 465kB
nsfplay23src.zip 7/19/2013, ZIP 436kB

A beta preview build is also currently available: nsfplay24b5.zip

Track Info screenshot.
Keyboard screenshot.

This project is open source, and is currently hosted at GitHub: http://github.com/bbbradsmith/nsfplay

The original NSFPlay/NSFPlug by Brezza can be found at: http://www.pokipoki.org/dsa/index.php?NSFplay


nsfplay23.zip, ZIP 465kB
nsfplay23src.zip, ZIP 436kB
2.3 - 7/19/2013

nsfplay22.zip, ZIP 458kB
nsfplay22src.zip, ZIP 477kB
2.2 - 8/31/2012

nsfplay21.zip, ZIP 455kB
nsfplay21src.zip, ZIP 520kB
2.1 - 3/27/2012

nsfplay20.zip, ZIP 447kB
nsfplay20src.zip, ZIP 471kB
2.0 - 2/22/2012

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